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Walking towards the seasonal Park Avenue Autumn restaurant in christian louboutin outlet my Christian Louboutin's I had no idea what to expect out of an christian louboutin outlet online evening of bubbly with strangers. Much more than an 'event' this foodie insiders club opens you to the kitchens of new chef restaurant openings, and different culinary experiences throughout New York.

They [PiperHeidsieck] came to me and requested to decant Champagne and I thought, how do you decant Champagne? And here we are! says Founder Lisa Mamounas.

Wine and Champagne decanting is a process of separating the wine from sediments in the bottle. The process only takes a few minutes and allows the wine to breathe to enhance subtle flavors often lost by temperature.

Mingling with other insiders I was christian louboutin sneakers able to delve into the world of PiperHeidsieck and find another fashion pulse and what the French call . Literal translates to the "notion of throwing yourself into pleasure" when describing the enjoyment of Champagne.

1999. PiperHeidsieck released Cuv Sp Gaultier creation christian louboutin shoes on sale of a lace up corset around a bottle of bubbly. Being the very first Champagne House to work with a fashion designer stirred a type of in the Champagne world.

For this year scandalous,christian louboutin discount online audacious design pairing

Culinary Insiders took me into the world of PiperHeidsieck and introduced their foodie following to the essence of Champagne (and shoes).christian louboutin heels Don't worry just because you're treated like a VIP doesn't mean you have to be the Paris Hilton's of the world to attend. The Culinary Insiders christian louboutin pigalle is open to the cultured young professionals of New York. The membership takes cultured foodies to 12 events a month and at least 1 international event a year.

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